GE Ultrasound

GE's world-class portable ultrasound systems come with unmatched support, the wide availability of parts and supplies and the most comprehensive, user-friendly features available on the market. We have used GE portable ultrasound equipment for a variety of medical testing specialties from abdominal and obstetrical to vascular, musculoskeletal, orthopedic, veterinarian, and general radiology.
The powerful GE LOGIQ Book line of portable ultrasound machines have become increasingly popular, with features that rival full-size machines weighing hundreds of pounds. If you are looking for a high performance machine, take a look at the GE Vivid and Voluson lines, many of which offer a wide range of sizes and features.

GE Vscan

The GE Vscan portable unit is an extremely compact system. It is literally ultrasound in your hand, for the first time ever.

GE Vivid q

The GE Vivid q portable ultrasound system provides a complete adult cardiac imaging tool with enhanced 2D, color and Doppler imaging in a compact, lightweight laptop size. The GE Vivid q provides diagnostic confidence while increasing productivity.

GE Logiq e

The GE Logiq e portable ultrasound machine is a high-end portable system that delivers the advanced technological functionality of a large unit in a small, laptop size. This fully capable system is lightweight and easy to move, which makes it perfect for emergency use.

GE Logiq Book

The GE Logiq Book portable ultrasound machine features TruScan Architecture, which delivers unsurpassed computational power, image processing capabilities and workflow flexibility through upgradable software. Practitioners can take the lightweight Logiq Book directly to patients whenever needed without difficulty.

GE Logiq Book XP

The GE Logiq Book XP portable ultrasound machine is a smaller version of GE's popular Logiqbook series. The GE Logiq Book XPfeatures TruScan architecture, exceptional image quality, versatile probe technology, limitless scanning possibilities and archiving capability.

GE Vivid e

The GE Vivid e portable ultrasound machine weighs just over 10 pounds, making it among the most portable of all ultrasound systems. This machine offers 2D, color and Doppler imaging and can handle cardiac, vascular and abdominal scanning with ease.

GE Vivid i

The super-powerful GE Vivid i portable ultrasound machine is a petite 12" x 15" x 3", enabling you to take it literally anywhere. The GE Vivid i offers 2D, color and Doppler imaging, lightning-fast reboot and an hour's worth of imaging time on a single battery charge.

GE Voluson i

The GE Voluson i portable ultrasound system is a combination of performance and reliability, with TruScan Architecture in a convenient design. The GE Voluson i offers exceptional image quality to see even the tiniest details on its 15-inch monitor.